A ‘bloody’ busy schedule – the perks of having an ‘international’ career.

Long day at work today, planning out my diary for the next three months. August/September spells the start of budget season for me, and I now have to start clearing out the spreadsheets ready to start plotting what money and resources I need to run my part of the business in 2017. Yes; it is depressing planning 2017 when we aren’t technically in the second half of 2016 yet but what can you do.

I have the next three months mapped out and know I will be visiting 18 different cities across 4 countries; England, Wales, Scotland and Republic of Ireland. It’s a lot of early starts (I have to be at each site by 06:00), some long distance driving and a little bit of flying but it’s worth it.

One of the true perks of my ‘real job’ is having a fluid and self planned diary. This year it means that, in early September, I find myself in Scotland. Due to good fortune (and excellent planning on my part) this puts me in just the right place to attend Bloody Scotland for the first time. Hotel and tickets are booked and, between you and me, I can’t wait. Looking at the line up, it’s going to be a fab weekend. With Killer Women to follow in October, I’m getting a real super cime-lit fix this year and I won’t deny that I’m one very happy bunny.



Random things and book reviews

Welcome to Jen Med’s book reviews. I guess I’m no longer new to this blogging malarky but I still have the pretty useless down pat. Hey. I’m trying (some would argue very…).

Manager by day, and insomniac reader by night, this blog is home to my book reviews and random ramblings. If I can inspire just one person to read a new book or author, then I’ll consider my job done and be a very happy bunny.

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‘Threat’ by Hugh Fraser – Rina Walker is back in this dark and somewhat twisted tale


‘Threat’ by Hugh Fraser, is the second book to feature Rina Walker, a highly skilled assassin who is in demand from members of London’s gangland. Set in 1961, this story follows Rina as she becomes embroiled in the search for some missing working girls on behalf of Tony Farina. Seven girls have gone missing from the streets, the latest of which was found dead.

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Unmasking the hidden victims of abuse: ‘Someone Else’s Skin’ by Sarah Hilary

Somone else's skin_b_pb.indd

‘Someone Else’s Skin’ by Sarah Hilary introduces us to the characters of DI Marnie Rome and DS Noah Jake. Sent to a women’s refuge to try and convince one of the residents to give evidence against her brother, Marnie and Noah find themselves in the midst of mayhem, a vicious attack in which the lines between victim and perpetrator are most definitely blurred.

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Jessie survives a school shooting to find herself running for her life in Arlene Hunt’s ‘Last to Die’ (@arlenehunt)

Last to die

Surviving a shooting at the High School in which she works, Jessie Conway is thrust, unwillingly, into the spotlight as the hero of the hour. The woman who brought down the two young men who had murdered two of her colleagues and would surely have continued to kill unrepentantly. But Jessie doesn’t feel like a hero. Regrets every moment of having shot the two boys, of having their blood upon her hands and wants no part of the media storm which is brewing around her. But Jessie has another reason for wanting to evade the spotlight. A dark secret she has been keeping from her husband. One which could tear her happy family unit apart.
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