Timing, as they say, is everything…

Mine, as always is impeccable. I make the somewhat unlikely decision to actually attempt to start a blog, only to find that my already packed schedule has become a little more congested. Bank Holidays give way to validation interviews and a long weekend of preparing my office space becomes a teeny-tiny bit shorter. Ah well. Could be worse.

Recently, I took the decision to start catching up on my very long TBR list by including audiobooks in my library. This has been a fruitful, yet on occasion, confusing experience. There is nothing quite as off putting as hearing a male narrator playing the part of enthusiastic female participant in a sex scene, or as confusing as being certain,(through, I will admit, not fully concentrating on all of the narrative on my part while I was concentrating on negotiating traffic instead) that a particular character is Welsh, only to finally pick up the book and discover he’s actually meant to be a Geordie… Oops.

That being said, it has meant I have been able to ‘read’ four more books than I would otherwise have finished, putting my long trips up and down the country and over to Ireland to good use. It was also quite humorous when collecting my sister for Aqufit and the very first thing she heard upon getting into my car was some random gentleman talking about an erection. Needless to say there was a long sideways glance and an ‘okaaay’ at that one. 1st note to self: always consider potential audience when choosing audio book. 2nd note to self: do not tell other sister about it in front of her 11 yr old daughter. She promptly went around asking everyone what an erection was, completely embarrassing her 17 yr old brother and not fully accepting her father’s explanation that it was a what they called the construction of a large building or monument. It was quite funny when her 13yr old sister told her what it was – no one knew quite how to explain that kind of description… (Look – I’m not a mother. I have no idea at what point these kinds of conversations are meant to take place. I thought they did it at school now. Heck – I’m still waiting for my mother to have the conversation with me. She died 2 yrs ago.)

Anyway, I’m not entirely sure how this blogging thing is meant to work. I am (clearly) a novice, but I figured that if I wait to post only when I have read and reviewed books, this will be a very slow build. So, should people choose to read these occasional ramblings, I can only hope that they either make you smile or, at the very least, cure your insomnia.

Busy week ahead. Literally (and I do mean that) a flying visit to Edinburgh on Monday to hold an interview and then I’m off to France for a to meet with our Lord and Masters (i.e. the CEO and group Management Team). I’m such a lucky girl… Then I finally get two whole weeks of me time: peace and quiet when I get to walk, read, experience local culture, read, maybe occasionally sleep, and did I mention read? I promise to get a good few books off my TBR list by mid June and get the reviews up on my blog.