‘Wicked Dix’ by Monica James – Things to make you go mmm. Sinfully brilliant.

I would like to thank Net Galley and Bookouture for the copy of Wicked Dix by Monica James in exchange for my review.

Wicked Dix is the continuing story of Dr Dixon Matthews a Psychiatrist specialising in patients with addiction issues, who decided to mend his broken heart by feeding his own addiction – sex. At least until he met two women who were set to turn everything he thought he knew right on its head.

Picking up where Dirty Dix left off, in Wicked Dix we find Dixon caught between a She-Devil and his Angelo. Being blackmailed by one, he will go to any lengths to protect his love, including lying to her. Against his friends’ advice, Dixon decides to play a dangerous game, doing all he can to ensure that the monster who ruined Madison’s life doesn’t get the chance to do it again. The game he used to play is being turned against him and now he must use all of his skills and his training to manipulate and twist the She-Devil into relinquishing her power over him. And from that point on, you know this story isn’t going to end well for any of them.

The characters in this story are well written and you get a good sense of the vulnerability of not just Madison but also Juliet, although her own motivations are purely self-serving and shallow and I think anyone would struggle to find a redeeming quality within her character. It is almost a relief when she finally gets her due.

You get to see all of the characters grow, most notably Dixon, who finds something in himself that he thought had been long lost. And the change in Madison is well observed, her finding the inner strength she needed in the changes which are forced upon the pair of them.

Obviously, with a title like Wicked Dix, this is not a simple love story (although in essence that is exactly what it is). The scenes between Madison and Dixon are steamy enough to keep a true fan happy, without being too much or too often – probably the right balance to drive the story forward and yet make the slow build of the relationship all the more believable. The scenes in Boston and New Jersey will give the reader hope which is cruelly taken away just as quickly, keeping you wanting to read more. And as for the car crash which happens in the Hamptons… Well it made me chuckle a little to say the least.

The friendship between Finch, Hunter and Dixon still provides laughs but takes a little more of a backseat in this book. However, we see Hunter take a keen interest in Madison’s friend Mary. The man-whore and the man-hater. Is this the next book made in heaven?

The pacing was yet again just right and the story held me right through to the end. Told from both Madison’s but predominantly Dixon’s point of view, you got a good clear picture of their developing love and Dixon’s struggle reconciling the man he knows he is with the man that Madison thinks she sees. This is a story of revenge, fierce protection, love, heartbreak and above all passion. It made me laugh, smile, get frustrated and ultimately like Dr, sorry, Professor Dixon that little bit more because, at the end of the day, the boy come good. You knew he would.

5 stars

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