Airports are very dangerous places for the book obsessed.

I have come to realise that, as a book junkie, the worst thing I can do is arrive early to an airport. Either I over indulge in coffee and other assorted goodies, or I spend a ridiculous amount of time perusing the shelves of the bookshop or Amazon kindle store.

With an already seemingly insurmountable pile of books on my tbr list, I have found myself not only buying another but putting a number on my wish list. Frequent flights to Dublin and Scotland are not helping my addiction at all.

I shall now step away from the bookshop. Roll on next week when I will have limited internet connection and shall revert to finally reading rather than buying books.


A tension filled read – ‘The Night Stalker’ by Robert Bryndza (@robertbryndza)


A dark figure cuts through the shadows, their destination a quiet home in Honor Oak Park. They have murder on their mind and their target? Dr Gregory Munro, a local GP. The method is well planned, all bases covered. Drink spiked, phone lines cut and electricity turned off. They are meticulous and they are patient and so once inside the house, they wait… Continue reading “A tension filled read – ‘The Night Stalker’ by Robert Bryndza (@robertbryndza)”

Timing, as they say, is everything…

Mine, as always is impeccable. I make the somewhat unlikely decision to actually attempt to start a blog, only to find that my already packed schedule has become a little more congested. Bank Holidays give way to validation interviews and a long weekend of preparing my office space becomes a teeny-tiny bit shorter. Ah well. Could be worse.

Recently, I took the decision to start catching up on my very long TBR list by including audiobooks in my library. This has been a fruitful, yet on occasion, confusing experience. There is nothing quite as off putting as hearing a male narrator playing the part of enthusiastic female participant in a sex scene, or as confusing as being certain,(through, I will admit, not fully concentrating on all of the narrative on my part while I was concentrating on negotiating traffic instead) that a particular character is Welsh, only to finally pick up the book and discover he’s actually meant to be a Geordie… Oops. Continue reading “Timing, as they say, is everything…”

‘In the Cold Dark Ground’ by Stuart MacBride

The wait has been long but it was worth it. Another stunning book from Mr MacBride. It has everything you want from a Logan McRae story, twists, turns and misdirections galore along with the wit and banter that you come to expect of any story featuring our hapless hero and DCI Steel.

So Logan is still out in the sticks, still running B division, still not quite having managed to finish repairs to his house. Compared to Aberdeen CID, the pace in the boondocks is frantic (is there a bigger police crisis known to man than the vending machine running out of chocolate?). Logan and his team are busy protecting the streets of Banff and Macduff and trying to prevent the Great Bacon & Cheese robbery, while also coordinating the search for a missing local businessman, a search which turns up something very unexpected in the woods. Enter stage left Steel and her Major Investigation Team including the ever odd Rennie, and the stage is set for another entertaining tale.
Continue reading “‘In the Cold Dark Ground’ by Stuart MacBride”