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Review: The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel (@HodderFiction)

TRGThe Official Book Blurb

Roanoke girls never last long around here. In the end, we either run or we die.

After her mother’s suicide, fifteen year-old Lane Roanoke came to live with her grandparents and fireball cousin, Allegra, on their vast estate in rural Kansas. Lane knew little of her mother’s mysterious family, but she quickly embraced life as one of the rich and beautiful Roanoke girls. But when she discovered the dark truth at the heart of the family, she ran fast and far away.

Eleven years later, Lane is adrift in Los Angeles when her grandfather calls to tell her Allegra has gone missing. Did she run too? Or something worse? Unable to resist his pleas, Lane returns to help search, and to ease her guilt at having left Allegra behind. Her homecoming may mean a second chance with the boyfriend whose heart she broke that long ago summer. But it also means facing the devastating secret that made her flee, one she may not be strong enough to run from again.

As it weaves between Lane’s first Roanoke summer and her return, The Roanoke Girls shocks and tantalizes, twisting its way through revelation after mesmerizing revelation, exploring the secrets families keep and the fierce and terrible love that both binds them together and rips them apart. Continue reading “Review: The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel (@HodderFiction)”

Quick Review: The Legacy Device by Rachel Amphlett (@RachelAmphlett)

TLDThe Official Book Blurb

The British Army left Iraq in 2009 after a six-year campaign alongside coalition forces. What they left behind has remained a closely guarded secret – until now.

Royal Engineer EOD operator Dan Taylor is on his last tour of duty when he is caught up in a conspiracy that will have consequences reaching far beyond the country’s war-torn borders.

With no choice but to follow orders, Dan realises that the legacy he and his commanding officer leave behind will have an unimaginable impact on the future of Iraq, and that of the British secret service.

But first, he has to survive the mission. Continue reading “Quick Review: The Legacy Device by Rachel Amphlett (@RachelAmphlett)”

Thank You: A brief international giveaway

Hello all.

I’ve been running a giveaway on my blog to say thanks for following but I got to feeling a little guilty that it was UK & Ireland only. So, while I was shopping at the weekend and while I’m in a very good mood (doesn’t happen often), I’ve decided to run another mini giveaway which is open internationally. Continue reading “Thank You: A brief international giveaway”

Book Love: A new weekly feature

Book Love (1)

Sometimes everyone needs a little love. Books are no different. In a bid to spread a little Book Love, I’ll be running a new weekly feature in which Authors and Bloggers share with us some of their favourite books of all time. From their childhood sweethearts, to their guilty pleasures and even their greatest book love of all, we’ll be taking a look at some of the books that left their mark on readers’ hearts. Continue reading “Book Love: A new weekly feature”

Blog Tour: Review – Boundary by Andrée A. Michaud (@noexitpress) #BoundaryBook

Today I am delighted to be part of the blog tour for Boundary the new and atmospheric thriller by Andrée A. Michaud (trans. Donald Winkler) which is published by No Exit Press on 23rd March. I’ll share my review with you shortly but first, here is what this book is about.

Cover.jpgThe Official Book Blurb

A chilling thriller as compulsive as Emma Cline’s The Girls.

It’s the Summer of 1967. The sun shines brightly over Boundary lake, a holiday haven on the US-Canadian border. Families relax in the heat, happy and carefree. Hours tick away to the sound of radios playing ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ and ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’. Children run along the beach as the heady smell of barbecues fills the air. Zaza Mulligan and Sissy Morgan, with their long, tanned legs and silky hair, relish their growing reputation as the red and blond Lolitas. Life seems idyllic.

But then Zaza disappears, and the skies begin to cloud over.. Continue reading “Blog Tour: Review – Boundary by Andrée A. Michaud (@noexitpress) #BoundaryBook”